About GT Blog

I’ve always felt that I should write more, even though I’m a rubbish writer.  I failed English ‘O’ Level at school and only passed when I used the ‘GCSE’ route.  Thank you Education Minister of the time! PS if my spelling, grammar or inappropriate use of an apostrophe upsets you, then tuff! PPS that spelling mistake was deliberate.

My views are not necessarily right, some are controversial and I’m happy to change them with justification however they are my views. As Ferris Bueller said –

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around for a while, you could miss it.”

The blog is a first attempt to put virtual pen to virtual paper about what’s going on.  It may not come to much or I could be the next JK Rowling or Bridget Jones and earn a fortune from the screen rights. This is not the goal, it’s a record of events, thoughts, feelings and stuff that is going on at the time of writing.  In the olden days it would be someone’s memoirs or a diary.  Who knows what the future holds for information such as this. How will historians or researchers find new information, we don’t know but if its’ digitised, chances are it will remain available for longer and be easier to find.

The trigger point was the decision to support my mum at the point in her life where her personal care needed a bit of extra help.  I’m not going to write in detail about my mum or things that would be personal to her as that would not be fair and could upset the rest of my family. However I will write about some of the experiences and realities of being a carer of an elderly lady in the noughties, a form of cathartic release or just to provide a reminder in the future to look back on and smile/cry.

So enjoy, ignore, rubbish, comment and forward if you think it’

Tim aka Ginger Tim (GT)