Doing something right

queenWell we must be doing something right. Physically mum has put a bit of weight on, which being only about 7 stone, this is a good thing.  Secondly we no longer need to inject her with insulin as the daily sugar levels have remained in the single digits, through a combination of better diet and tablet medication.  Given that she was on 24 units of insulin in January it shows what a good diet can do for diabetics.

She also appears to be a bit happier, or to put it another way, less fed up (see previous blog). A strong royalist she has enjoyed watching all the programs involving the queen, staying up late and remaining awake to watch them. Mum has always talked about getting her telegram from the Queen on her 100th birthday so I took the opportunity to see if this was the plan. “Oh yes, you need to contact her and when it comes I want the picture (it comes with a picture of the Queen apparently) and the telegram framed and put on the wall above the fire place”!

So I have my instructions that I need to remember for 14 years and hope that her majesty keeps going until she’s 104. Mum doesn’t want a telegram from Prince Charles. So if your Majesty is reading this, please keep going past your 100th birthday as I’m not sure I could cope with mums disappointment.

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