Maintaining the sweet spot

I’m about to give the commentators curse.

Mum seems to be as normal as she can be at the moment. No UTI (sorry, medical info), sugar levels low (ish) and her ability to process info is relatively good.

It’s amazing how important and emotionally invigorating it is to be able to hold a lucid conversation with Mum. How a random, out of the blue sensible question from her, shows that’s she’s still with us.

Keeping her in the sweet spot is the key and something we work really hard at. If she only had dementia it might be easier. Diabetes, poor eyesight and regular urine infections make a difficult situation that much harder.

Looking after someone with dementia is very much like having a two year old. You have to have all your wits with you and constantly assess what’s going on medically to maintain that sweet spot. A two year old will throw a tantrum when you get it wrong. With Mum you spend weeks feeling frustrated, angry and confused about what is wrong until you find out what’s changed.

Then the cycle to get back to normality can start again. A two year old moves to a 3 year old and then 4 etc. Mum stays at 2 and that’s on a good day.

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