Easier said than done

Facebook is full of rubbish a lot of the time. What started as a convenient way to stay in touch with friends, share pictures of whatever is important in your life. Show you proud family moments off and hope your friends agree that little Jonny is cute, that the beach looked relaxing and that there is some form of group recognition of events of a drunken night based on the photos someone took on their phone.

Increasingly its being used as a news outlet medium where opinions on whatever is the burning issue of the day is presented as fact (or fake) to friends, where discussions can take place, or arguments started. Not sure Facebook is as much fun anymore. Where are the cute cat videos?

It can also have nuggets of information like this –

These points are very true and offer good advice to anyone trying to communicate with someone with Alzheimer’s. In practise its easier said than done.

I guess human nature (or just me) finds it easier to argue, especially when the facts are staring you in the face. For example, mum and I argued over which day it was.

Mum – “Well I thought it was Sunday” “No its Monday” “Are you sure” “Yes mum. What does the card next to you say that we made to help you remember which day it is” “Monday” “So what day is it Mum?” “Monday I suppose” ” No suppose about it, it is” “Well I’m sure its Sunday”. Give me strength!

How can you agree its Sunday when its Monday.

Sonia and I go through these scenarios on a daily basis and have to remind each other about the approach we take when we slip into auto response mode and get it wrong. Even this is hard to take from each other when you know we are just as bad as each other at times.

With work stress, school stress (SATs week) and all the usual stresses that modern life brings its important to keep everything in perspective.  Politicians will come and go. They are all right and all wrong all of the time and non of the time.

What is important is to look after each other, talk through our experiences as a family unit (including Ella) and take time out for each other. This is where our friends and family come into the picture and really help. They probably don’t realise it but just having time out for one night, getting drunk, having a laugh over a curry, watching a game of rugby or some other activity is worth its weight in gold.

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