Demise of Ashley

My northern monkey friends will know the story line from Emmerdale and maybe some of the southern shandy drinking idiots do as well. Basically a main character in Emmerdale for over 20 years, the local vicar, Ashley has dementia. He’s about to die from pneumonia having left the care home due to his memory etc. It is very sad and yes I’m pathetic and do get upset and shed a tear at these types of story line.


Looking after mum, makes story lines like this very personal. The writers are very good and I’m sure expert advisors are used to make it as real as possible and it is. However they can’t go to into the finer details. They also can’t represent every scenario or symptom, as every person with dementia will deal/cope with it in a different way.

What is good is that a large audience gets an insight into a family dealing with someone they love, deal with this disease. Its the family around them that has the hardest task. I’m not saying this to highlight what me and Sonia are doing but to highlight to our friends and family that read this that they may have to deal with this situation. To understand it better through story lines in things like Emmerdale can actually be really helpful and I would recommend it. However what you see is probably 10% of reality.

Love to all


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