Post when things are good

Sonia keeps saying I need to post when things are good as well as bad as otherwise its a one sided view of our world.

Now I hope this post doesn’t tweak the noses of the dementia gods but things are generally good.

We have booked a family holiday with mum to the Norfolk Broads for a weeks cruising. Theory being mum spends must of the day in her arm chair snoozing, she can spend a week on a boat in a chair snoozing whilst the world goes by.

We  have also attended a local support group for carers, which was interesting but didn’t provide a tonne of new information. It did provide info on where to hire a wheelchair from and also highlighted the plight of a dozen or so other carers. The wife with a husband with multiple cancers and organ issues, the more mature carers who probably have their own issues but care for their elderly parents and finally how everyone is pretty much muddling along not knowing what they don’t know or should know.

In some way I hope some of the things we come across and I blog about will potentially help some of the readers/friends and family that will experience some of these challenges for themselves in the future. Whilst I don’t want anyone to, the law of averages says some will.

The other positive was a meeting with a lady from the Alzheimer’s Society. She was not only able to give technical information about what mum is experiencing, she also gave it to us in simple understandable language. The fact that mums brain has lost the ability to filter things out in a logical way so she is fighting to process everything at once must be horrendous for her. Noise and images from the television, mine and Sonia’s conversations, dog wandering around, house environment, children, questions about which meal to have all spinning around in her head at the same time and trying to process them.

Simple things such as family meal time where we talk to each other. At home this is easier for mum, but we think it would be nice to get her out somewhere, but the reality the noise and different surroundings make it a nightmare.

This is all whilst mum is “normal” i.e sugar levels where they should be, not water infection and the sodium where it should be.

So as my mum would say, touch wood we are all good at the moment.

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