Brazil vs Hollywood

This post is not about our 2017 holiday destination. Its about hair.  If you are squirmish (is that a word) or easily offended, say reading about pubic hair. Read no more…………

A recent conversation made me and Sonia laugh and this blog needs to have funny moments in it and not just doom and gloom.

Hair removal is a funny thing generally when you think about it. I remember growing up and practising shaving my face in the bath with my dads razor and a bar of soap. Its a sign of maturity I guess when you have to shave. Then when you get older, its a pain in the arse. Expensive too.

Ladies hair removal is even more extreme. Legs, arm pits and other areas. Hence the title.

Removing pubic hair is a very personal thing. Its a very private area and so its not really the done thing to walk into a barbers and ask for a wet shave. The technology around pubic hair removal is also varied. Waxing, shaving & immacing/veet and others help with the process.

But somehow I don’t think any of this is appropriate for an 86 year old lady. Its probably not really appropriate to talk about it in a blog but then we are encouraged to talk about death, dementia, mental health etc. so surely we can talk about pubic hair removal.

This is where Sonia and I were laughing. I won’t go into specifics only to say there are times when things get messy and having no hair in certain areas would help make cleaning up a lot easier, and probably less painful. Imaging pulling a plaster off and taking a load of hair with it.

This resulted in us talking about hair removal and the thought of taking mum to a parlour (or whatever the lady equivalent of a barber is) and asking for a Brazilian. I’d love to see the expression on their face. However its really not something that I will ever feel appropriate to ask my mum about so we’ll just manage as we do.

However when I’m 80 I wonder what I’ll go for crack, back and sack?

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