How do you tell your mum shes not 40?

That’s the reality of caring for someone with dementia.

Little things have a big impact on you.

Last night mum couldn’t remember Sonia’s name, yet this morning she was fine and almost surprised when we checked she could.

Tonight she thought she was 40 and going to work tomorrow.

The impact is you worry that the dementia is progressing. You get upset as you see someone changing in front of you and there’s nothing you can do, your own plans get put on hold (sorry 4 C’s I could be with Sonia and Ella tonight to stay with you) and you suspect that mum gets upset herself but can’t understand why

I’m hopeful it’s a water infection as I’m slowly becoming an expert on behavioural changes and the root cause. Her sugar levels are good and in single digits, she’s hydrated and fed but her appetite is lower, she’s wobbly so hence the urine infection diagnosis which then creates the confusion.

The challenge for the weekend – England to beat South Africa, Lewis Hamilton to win the Brazilian Grand Prix and to get a urine sample from someone that can’t really stand up, who doesn’t know she’s going and can’t go (nor could I to be honest) with someones in the bathroom wearing rubber gloves holding a sample bottle under ones bottom.

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