A normal weekend

I don’t want to tweak the nose of the gods but this weekend was a good weekend with no major incidents or drama with Mum and therefore it felt like a normal weekend.

Now to blog such a thing seems weird because there is not much to say, but that’s actually the most important thing to say. We had a normal weekend and actually had a nice weekend of doing stuff we would normally do.  No cleaning up after any accidents (mum or the dog) no episodes of stubbornness between mum and the carers and most importantly mums sugar levels are getting back to where they were and physically she is better, less lethargic in the evenings and basically more with it.

This also means that we could focus on us and most importantly, Ella. This is vitally important to me, as I think the family unit would not work over time and stress and worry could lead to frustration. Ella in particular gets upset when she sees mum, Nana not being Nana. We have learnt not to talk about certain things in front of Ella to avoid her getting upset. She is only 10 and there are certain aspects of care that she doesn’t need to know about or see. Ella is also reaching the age where emotions and change will have a bigger impact on her daily life.

The weekend started well with Ella telling us on Friday about her mock SATS exam results, where she attained a high mark (5C) which is above where they should be apparently. Then being selected for a county cricket trial in November (I thought cricket was a summer sport) and finally being asked to perform a solo at pop choir. Personally I don’t think she has a voice for a solo but then I’m tone deaf, so what do I know.

The majority of Saturday and Sunday was spent in a sports centre whilst Ella competed in her club championships, where she was fantastic, shouting and supporting her fellow club members when they swam and posted several PB’s for her races, even getting a county time for the 100m backstroke.

laLos Angeles 2024 here we come (hopefully).

Even popping home during the interval to give mum her tea and check on her didn’t impact our weekend.

So a very boring post, but a very important post.

Recognising good days or just normal days is vitally important to ensure our sanity is maintained, well at least a little.

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