Road Trip

Its the May Bank Holiday weekend and like many others we are hitting the road for a trip to the coast. The Dorset coast to be precise.

Dawn's Early Kiss at Old Harry

Mum is actually quite excited and more importantly keeps mentioning it and remembering that we are going. Its taken quite a few days of reminding her or challenging her to remember but again this approach seems to eventually result in a longer term memory being created and therefore she remembers.

However a simple day trip to the sea side (West Bay) with mum needs some prep work and reminds me of when Ella was a baby. Gone are the days of simply jumping in the car, wallet and phone is all you need and off we go.  I now need a mental check list of things to consider and do in advance and on the day.

  1. Remember to cancel the lunch time carer visit on Saturday  a week in advance otherwise mum will be paying for something she doesn’t need
  2. Ask the neighbour to look after Sophie (chocolate lab) because mum will worry about her and want to leave at 2pm to get back for the dog
  3. Consider supplies for the way down.  Ella would be happy with a bottle of water and some fizzy sweets. We might need a flask of hot tea for mum and a biscuit
  4. Route plan.  When my dad was still able to and driving mum around, he would need the loo fairly frequently and as a result would know all the restroom locations on all the routes he took.  I now find myself worry about where they are for mum. Luckily my bladder is still able to hold on for a couple of hours.
  5. Change of clothing. Most parents with a baby will carry around a bag containing spare nappies, wipes, dummies and clothing. Whilst mum would not appreciate the dummy we still need to take a bag of spares. Accidents happen to everyone and as you get older the chance increases. The bag will probably be bigger than the baby bag as we also need to take a range of clothing depending on the weather and include a rug.

Whatever happens it will be fine, Sonia and I have a relaxed attitude to things like this and we love visiting Dorset and seeing family. After Wiltshire its the next most beautiful countryside in the UK. The cream tea that mum is expecting/demanding is just the icing (clotted cream) on the top.

2 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Cream tea already ordered iris’ that Mum gave me in full bloom only think I can’t control is the weather. Drive safety little bro

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